Monday, August 14, 2006

Syphillis Feet


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Karen, where did you go? I leave on vacation (a long one) and I come back and you're gone! Send me your new address as I loved your opinions and keeping up with books while here in Italy..... blog [at]

sauvignon chick said...

Hi Karen

Love your stuff! reminds me of my fav drink... hmmmm red and juicy.

Can't understand why you would wish to discuss a mans dirty feet and a crusty cock?

Karen Scott said...

Hi Ms Adventures In Italy. If you wanna find me, just google search 'Karen Scott it's my blog' If you can be arsed, that should do it!

Sauv Chick, these are just pics for a post on my other blog. I'm talking about why people should use condoms.